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Take-Out Girl


This is a development teaser for a film called Take-Out Girl, which I shot and edited earlier this year. I was inspired by the makers of Tangerine to shoot this teaser on the iPhone. I would probably never use a phone to shoot a feature film, but I was impressed by how well it performed. It was possible to shoot quickly and discreetly on location and allowed the actors a lot of freedom during takes.

Cool Stuff, Indie, Work

A Very Merry 20 Seconds to Live

“Christmas Morning” was one of the first things I worked on this month after relocating to Los Angeles, and was a reunion of sorts with old friends from Florida, like director Ben Rock, writer Bob DeRosa, and sound mixer Jeremy Gilleece. “Blair Witch” director Dan Myrick makes a cameo appearance, as well. I was the gaffer on this short, and had the pleasure of meeting and working with DP Mike Mickens and producer Liam Finn.