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A Very Merry 20 Seconds to Live

“Christmas Morning” was one of the first things I worked on this month after relocating to Los Angeles, and was a reunion of sorts with old friends from Florida, like director Ben Rock, writer Bob DeRosa, and sound mixer Jeremy Gilleece. “Blair Witch” director Dan Myrick makes a cameo appearance, as well. I was the gaffer on this short, and had the pleasure of meeting and working with DP Mike Mickens and producer Liam Finn.


Cool Stuff, Work

Some Interviews I’ve Shot

I’ve been collecting stills  from interviews I’ve shot over the last few years. Here’s a few…

Tracy MorganIMG_5944

Mike DitkaIMG_6198

Chad “Ochocinco” JohnsonIMG_6855

Samari RolleIMG_6847

Henry KissingerScreen Shot 2015-11-17 at 6.49.37 AM

Lone Star Lady – A&EIMG_2086

Richard Thompson – Legendary British Folk Guitaristimage001

True Crime SeriesIMG_1436

True Crime SeriesIMG_1472